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Concert music

"Syden " for orchestra and singers 2023 - Performed by Orkest de Ereprijs at GIGANT, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

"Suckin ́ Diesel" for brass band  2022 - Performed by Drogheda Brass Band at New Music Dublin festival

"The Trickster" for brass quintet 2021 - Performed by Earlsfort Brass quintet at New Music Dublin festival

"Let’s see what happens" for wind ensemble 2019 - Performed by TU Dublin Wind ensemble at Gleesonhall, Dublin

"Three Billy Goats Gruff" for guitar and harp 2019 - Performed by David Lynch and Cliona Dorris at Farmleigh House, Dublin

"Blackbird" for string quartet 2018 - Performed by RTÈ ConTempo String quartet at Conservatory Of Music And Drama

"Ragnars Melodi" for string ensemble 2017 - Performed by London Session String at Abby Road studios

"I just want you" for orchestra 2017 - Performed by West European Symphony at Atlantico Blue Studios

"The Maze" for orchestra 2016 - Performed by Sofia Metropolitan Orchestra at National Radio-station 1

"The Journey" for orchestra 2016 - Performed by Sofia Metropolitan Orchestra at The Gala film Concert

"Lost in the Shadows" for orchestra 2016 - Performed by Sofia Metropolitan Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios

"Vinter" for orchestra 2015 - Performed by Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios

"Unknown Drama" for orchestra 2015 - Performed by Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios

"The little angry piano" for solo piano 2015 - Performed by Sigrid Anita Haugen 

"Sayaw" for chamber orchestra 2015 - Performed by members of Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios 

"Ain’t this a happy Litle tune" for Horn Fanfare 2013 - Performed by members of NYO London at London Centre of Contemporary Music

"Storm" for solo piano 2012 - Performed by Sigrid Anita Haugen at Barrat Due Music Institution 

Finding Frida
De gales dans
Talking flowers
The Human Aspect documentary
Reaper Tales
Infinite Logic
Walk the Wine

Music for visual media

Finding Frida (Virtual Reality) 2023 - by Cecilie Levy & Hilde Kjos, Oslo, Norway - Composer

Musicscape (Virtual Reality) 2022 - by Sigrid Anita Haugen, Oslo, Norway -  Creator and composer

SPEARS (feature film) 2022 by Gerard Lough, Donegal, Ireland - Composer

Twig (Virtual Reality) 2020 by the team: Silje Loe (Artistic Director), Eivind Opaker (Unity), Kim Bauman Larsen (VR),

Sigrid Anita Haugen (Composer)

Talking Flowers (art installation) 2020 by Simone Hooymans, Bergen, Norway - Composer of one of the talking flowers

WALK THE WINE (feature documentary) 2019 directed by Anja Celine, Oslo, Norway - Composer and audio editor

DE GALES DANS (short film) 2019 directed by Veslemøy Vollan Hjellbakk, Oslo, Norway - Composer

The human aspect (feature documentary) 2018 directed by Anja Celine, Oslo, Norway - Composer and Musical director

The human aspect (video library) 2018 directed by Jimmy Westheim, Oslo, Norway - Composer and audio editor

Infinite Logic (short film) 2017 directed by Sam Robinson-Horley, London, UK - Composer

Reaper tales; Ep. 1 & 2 (TV series) 2015, directed by Steven Boe, Los Angeles, USA - Composer

"Scena D´Amore" (a scene from a film as part of a school assignment) 2015, Dublin, Ireland - Composer

LOST GIRL (short film) 2014, by IFTA, Hong Kong - Composer

MOTHER (Short film) 2014 directed by Sam Robinson-Horley, London UK

ENTERREMENT DE VIE DE GARÇON (Short film) 2014 directed by Benoit Dietrich, London, UK - One of a group of composers

"Mask" (Short film) 2013,IFTA, Los Angeles, USA - Composer

"Performance review" (short film) 2013 directed by Han Czar Fransisco, Hong Kong - Composer

Upcoming projects 2024

Mylings (Virtual Reality)

Å veve løse tråder (Dokumentar)


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