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Komposisjon er en uttrykksform som kommer i mange forskjellige varianter. Musikken kan være et produkt alene eller som en del av en tverrfaglig produksjon. Musikken som komponeres kan være for en hvilken som helst besetning, sjanger, format og lengde.

The artistic development work focuses on music for visual media in the 21st century. The music that is composed is focused on storytelling and experimentation with auditory perception, by combining advanced dramaturgy in music and interactive game design.

Music is a universal language and is therefore also very educational, fun and inspiring. The teaching is adapted to students who wish to be able to play or accompany on the piano, compose music or produce their own songs.


Sigrid has a master's (honours) degree in Film Music from Pulse College, also known as the iconic Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin and a bachelor's (honours) degree in piano performance and music production at the London Center of Contemporary Music in London. She has several years of experience teaching piano, theory, composition and music production in Norway and in Ireland. Currently she is studying for a Ph.D. in music composition at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) focusing on Music for Film and Visual media of the 21st century. She has composed music that has been presented at film, game and music festivals such as New Music Dublin (Ireland), VR Nordic, Stereopsia, Amandus Student Festival, HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival, Film Gala Concert (Bulgaria) and more. Her music is very focused on storytelling and experimentation of auditory perception.


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